Welcome to Longara Brushware Members Area

Wholesale Registration
  • To order products, you must become a registered wholesale user by completing the registration details to the best of your knowledge, and without misrepresentation of those details.
  • Registration is free.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your registration at any time if you breach these Terms of Use.
Wholesale Registration Rules
  • To qualify for wholesale purchases, you must be a valid retail business and by agreeing to our terms and conditions you certify that you are such.
  • You will be issued with a username and password to access your members area.
  • You will not use the username and password of another registered wholesale member at any time, disclose your username and/or password to any third party and/or permit any third party to access the Web Site as a registered wholesale member using your username and password.
  • If you find something on the Web Site which you believe should not be there, you may alert us immediately using the “Contact Us” email address.
Pricing & Payments
  • Wholesale customer orders are subject to the relevant discount applied at the time of the order.
  • We reserve the right to alter our prices at any time unless invoiced.
  • We accept full online payment unless otherwise agreed between Longara Brushware and their Customer.
  • When orders must be pre-paid we are not able to offer accounts.
  • Wholesale Customers on account will receive a shipping invoice with the order that must be paid within 14 days.
Minimum order quantities
  • Minimum order quantities will be advised where applicable.
Shipping Charges
  • Shipping and handling will be charged in accordance with the terms and conditions
How to Reorder
  • You can reorder by logging into your account and selecting a previous order.
  • You have the ability to change the quantity prior to confirming the order
Delivery of Goods
  • Delivery of goods will be made in accordance with the details you have provided in your Wholesale Customer Member Application form.
  • If you need to return any goods, please contact us through the contact phone or email address listed on the Contact page of this site.
  • What kind of marketing materials are provided to wholesalers?
  • Any exclusions or limitations?
Wholesale General Terms and Agreement

By placing an online order you agree to the outlined Terms and Conditions.



Wholesale Member Application Form

  • Please provide 2 current trade references to support your application:
    Company Name; Contact Name; Contact Phone Number; Creditor Amount

Can automate user registration in Gravity Forms through a User Registration plugin so that a user is automatically created when the form is submitted.