Fruit Roller Brush Polyethylene 457mm (18″)

Great original design, Heavy duty material used in construction, Recycled product utilised in construction, Great for heavy sediment collection industrial environments.

This brush has a full fill pattern for great rotational washing of produce. The bristle used is designed for the best position retention and great strength. The level extruded Polyethylene material allows for easy removal of sediment particles on rough and uneven surfaces very robust brush as the washing environment is first phase of the process before it travels to cleaning and polishing phase.

Application- For us in Washing units in packhouses for preparation of crops for packing. Usage in Wet environments is fine.

Size- 457mm x 127mm outside diameter x 20mm Inside diameter. these are normal sizes but we can custom build all sizes.

Bristle Spec- Level .017 Polyethylene, Great wiping and washing motion.

Stock Spec- HDPE rod used. Solid wall thickness. A variety of drive bungs can be used PP, Stainless Steel or Mild steel. All grub screwed into position to lock onto drive shaft.

Caring Tips-: if used wet in a wet environment, be sure to allow brush to be in a well ventilated area. Brush may need to be pressure cleaned and agitated to remove sediment build up on the bristles. Sometimes a flicker may be mounted on the oppsite side to contact area to help with cleaning.

We can manufacture brushes in a variety of sizes up to 1800mm in one piece. Please ask our customer service department for assistance on pricings for the larger sizes.

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